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Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan

Dr. Rampratap
Hon'ble W. R. Minister, Rajasthan
Right to Information Presantation on RTI Act The Act No 22 2005 RTI Directory IGNB
List of Mailing Box
S.No. Name of Post  H.Q. User ID
1 CE. Water Resources Jaipur
2 CE, ID&R Unit Jaipur
3 CE, Mahi Project Banswara
4 CE, Narmada Canal Project Sanchore
5 CE (North) Hanumangarh
6 CE, Q.C. Unit, RWSRP Jaipur
7 ACE, Water Resources Zone Jaipur
8 ACE, Water Resources Zone Udaipur
9 ACE, Water Resources Zone Jodhpur
10 ACE, Water Resources Zone Kota
11 Director General, Swr-rjPD Jaipur
12 OSD, Water Resources, Sectt. Jaipur
13 Dy. Secy. Cum SE & TA to CEI Jaipur
14 TA (Adm.) to CEI Jaipur
15 TA (S.S.) to CEI Jaipur
16 TA (Works) Jaipur
17 TA (Chambal) to CEI Jaipur
18 SE, Water Resoures Circle Ajmer
19 SE, Water Resoures Circle Bharatpur
20 SE, Water Resoures Circle Jaipur
21 SE, S & I, Jaipur U/c ACE, Jaipur Jaipur ses&
22 SE, Water Resoures Circle Jodhpur
23 SE, Water Resoures Circle Pali
24 SE, Water Resoures Circle Kota
25 SE, RPS & JS Dam Circle Kota
26 SE, Water Resoures Circle Jhalawar
27 SE, Water Resoures Circle Baran
28 SE, S & I Jhalawar ses&
29 SE Water Resources Circle Bhilwara
30 SE Construction Circle Udaipur
31 SE Water Resources Circle Udaipur
32 SE Jakham Project Cirlce Udaipur
33 SE, S & I, Udaipur U/c ACE, Udaipur Udaipur ses&
34 Director, Canal Jaipur
35 Director, Dams Jaipur
36 Director, DSO & Environment Jaipur
38 Director, Environment Jaipur
39 SE, PMU, RWSRP Jaipur
40 SE, Water Planning, SWRPD Jaipur
41 SE, Environment, SWRPD Jaipur
42 SE, R&D, SWRPD Jaipur ser&
43 SE, Monitoring, SWRPD Jaipur
44 SE, Inter- State, SWRPD Jaipur
45 SE, QC, Jaipur Zone & Kota Zone Jaipur
46 SE, QC, Udaipur Zone & Jodhpur Zone Udaipur
47 SE, QC, Water Resources (North) Hanumangarh
48 SE, Narmada Project Circle - I Sanchore
49 SE, Narmada Project Circle - II Sanchore
50 SE BP Canal Circel Tonk
51 SE BP Dam Circle Deoli
52 SE Construction Circle Banswara
53 SE RMC & Resettlement Circle Banswara
54 SE, Water Resoures Circle Shri Bijaynagar
55 SE, Water Resoures Circle Sri Ganganagar
56 SE, Suratgarh Water Resources Circle Hanumangarh
57 WC for Rajasthan Chandigarh
58 SE, RWSRP Hanumangarh
59 SE, Bhakra Water Resources Circle Hanumangarh
60 EE, Water Resources, Div.-I Ajmer
61 EE, Water Resources, Div.-II Ajmer
62 EE, Water Resources, Div. Tonk
63 EE, Water Resources Div. Bharatpur
64 EE, Water Resources Div. Bayana
65 EE, Water Resources Div. Deeg
66 EE, Water Resources Div. Alwar
67 EE, Water Resources Div. Dholpur
68 EE, Water Resources Div. Jaipur
69 EE, Water Resources Div. Dausa
70 EE, Water Resources Div. Karoli
71 EE, Water Resources Div. Sawai Madhopur
72 EE, Water Resources Div. Sikar
73 EE, Litigation Division Jodhpur
74 EE, Water Resources Div. Jodhpur
75 EE, Water Resources Div. Merta City
76 EE, Water Resources Div. Jalore
77 EE, Water Resources Div. Pali
78 EE, Jawai Canal Div. Sumerpur
79 EE, Water Resources Div. Sirohi
80 EE, Water Resources Div. Kota
81 EE, Water Resources Div. Bundi
82 EE, RPS & Store Div. Rawatbhata
83 EE Chambal Project Div. Kota
84 EE, Water Resources Project Div. Bundi
85 EE, Water Resources Division Iklera
86 EE Chauli Irrigation Project Div. Jhalawar
87 EE, Irrigation Chauli Project Canal Div. Jhalawar
88 EE, Water Resources Div. Jhalawar
89 EE, Water Resources Div. Baran
90 EE, Water Resources Div. Chhabra
91 EE, S & I Baran ees&
92 EE, S &I Div. (Evironment Div.) Kota ees&
93 EE, Water Resources Div.-I Bhilwara
94 EE, Water Resources Div.-II Bhilwara
95 EE, Water Resources Div.I Chittorgarh
96 EE, Water Resources Div.II Chittorgarh
97 EE, Water Resources Div. Dungarpur
98 EE, Som Kamla Amba Canal Div. Dungarpur
99 EE, Water Resources Div.I Salumbar
100 EE, Water Resources Div.II Udaipur
101 EE, Water Resources Div. Rajsamand
102 EE, Jakam Project Div. Dhariwad
103 EE, Water Resources Div. Banswara
104 EE, S & I Udaipur ees&
105 EE, S & I Chittorgarh ees&
106 EE, S & I Bhilwara ees&
107 EE, S & I Pali ees&
108 EE, Water Resources, ID&R Jaipur
109 EE, PMU, RWSRP (I) Jaipur
110 EE, PMU, RWSRP (II) Jaipur
111 Dy. Director, MIS (IT) Jaipur
112 EE, Narmada Canal Project Div.I Sanchore
113 EE, Narmada Canal Project Div.II Sanchore
114 EE, Narmada Canal Project Div.III Sanchore
115 EE, Narmada Canal Project Div.IV Sanchore
116 EE, Narmada Canal Project Div.V Sanchore
117 EE,Canal Div.I Tonk
118 EE,Canal Div.II Tonk
119 EE, Construction Div. I Deoli
120 EE, Construction Div. III Deoli
121 EE, Rehabilitation Div. Deoli
122 EE, Dam Div.I Banswara
123 EE, Distributory Div.I, LMC Garhi
124 EE Building & Right Canal Div. Banswara
125 EE, Bhikha Bhai Sagwara Canal Div. Sagwara
126 EE APH Shakha Water Resources Div. I Sri Bijay Nagar
127 EE APH Shakha Water Resources Div. II Gharsana
128 EE, Suratgarh Branch Water Resources Div. Sri Bijay Nagar eesuratgarhbranchsribijaynagar.wr-rj
129 EE, Water Resources Div. Chhatargarh Chhatargarh
130 EE, Water Resources Div. Khajuwala
131 EE, Gang Canal (North) Div. Sri Ganganagar
132 EE, Gang Canal (South) Div. Sri Ganganagar
133 EE, Gang Canal Link Chhanal Div. Sri Ganganagar
134 EE, RWSRP Div. Sri Ganganagar
135 EE, Feeder Div. Hanumangarh
136 EE, Water Resources Div. Rawatsar
137 EE, Water Resources Div. Suratgarh
138 EE, Field Div. Firozepur
139 EE, Regulation Div. Chandigarh
140 EE, RWSRP Div. Nohar
141 EE, RWSRP Div. Bhadra
142 EE, GPC Div. Suratgarh
143 EE, Water Resources Div.I Hanumangarh
144 EE, Water Resources Div.II Hanumangarh
145 EE, RWSRP Div. Hanumangarh
146 Asstt. Dir (IT) I Jaipur
147 Asstt. Dir (IT) II Jaipur
148 Chief Engineer, GWD Jodhpur
149 T.A.-Ist to Chief Engineer, GWD Jodhpur
150 Chief Accounts Officer, GWD Jodhpur
151 Superintending Engineer (HQ), GWD Jodhpur
152 SE (Central Store), GWD Jodhpur
153 Superintending Engineer, GWD Jodhpur
154 Superintending Hydrogeologist, GWD Jodhpur
155 Superintending Engineer, GWD Jaipur
156 Project Leader (RWSRP), GWD Jaipur
157 Superintending Hydrogeologist, GWD Jaipur
158 Superintending Hydrogeologist, GWD Udaipur
159 Superintending Engineer, GWD Udaipur
160 Superintending Hydrogeologist, GWD Bikaner
161 Junior Engineer, IT, PMU, RWSRP Jaipur
Nodal Officer

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Nodal Officer : Smt. Prerna Chaudhary, Dy. Director (IT) 5167550, 9413206351  Email :

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