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 State Water Policy

D I S A S T E R     M A N A G E M E N T

16.     Flood Control and Drainage Management       (Click for Similar topic in National Water Policy)

          Sound watershed management through extensive soil conservation, catchment area treatment, preservation of forests and increasing the forest area and construction of check dams shall be promoted to reduce the intensity of floods. Adequate flood cushion shall be provided in water storage projects whenever feasible to facilitate better flood management. An extensive network for flood forecasting shall be established for timely warning to the settlements in the flood plains, along with the introduction of regulation for settlements and economic activity in the flood-prone zones to minimise loss of life and property caused by floods. Master plan for flood control and management for each flood prone basin / area shall be got prepared. Due consideration to provide proper drainage shall also be given to build up capabilities to tackle water logging and salinity problems.

17.       Drought Management       (Click for Similar topic in National Water Policy)

          Drought prone areas shall be made less vulnerable to drought associated problems through measures listed below. In planning water resource development projects, the needs of drought prone areas should be given priority. Relief works undertaken for providing employment to drought stricken populations should preferably be for drought proofing.

a.         Continue efforts to assure water supply and livelihood to population and care for livestock.

b.         Employment and direct provision of basic needs to population in times of crisis.

c.         Drought-proofing of the area in measures such as plantation, dry farming.

d.         Development of training and skills to enable population to supplement the earnings from agriculture.

e.        Development of the ground water potential including recharging and the transfer of surface water from surplus areas wherever feasible and appropriate.


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