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 Narmada Canal Project

Narmada CanalThis is an inter-State project shared by Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajasthan having been allotted 616 Mm3/yr out of the total utilisable quantity of 34,537 Mm3/yr. The storage reservoir known as Sardar Sarovar Dam is located in Gujarat, where the Narmada Canal starts, and after traversing 458 km in Gujarat enters Rajasthan near Silu village in Sanchore Tehsil of Jalore District. The discharge capacity of the canal at the border of Rajasthan is 75 m3/sec. The total length of the main canal in Rajasthan is 74 km. There are 9 major distributaries, and the total length of the main canal, distributaries and secondary canal system totals 1,477 km.

The project is designed to supply irrigation water to 135 kha in Rajasthan, and provide drinking water to 124 villages in Jalore and Barmer Districts, covering a target population of 191,500, having an estimated demand of 0.47 Mm3/yr of water.


Nodal Officer : Er Inderjeet Bishnoi, Email :, Phone No. : 0141-2702672 Ext. 229