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Mahi ~ Banas ~ Chambal ~ Banganga ~ Luni

 Rivers - Mahi Basin

1. River Mahi

River Mahi originates in the northern slope of the Vindhyachal ranges in MP at an elevation of +500 m. It flows southwards for about 120 km in MP before entering Banswara District of Rajasthan. The river makes a 'U' shaped loop in Rajasthan before entering Gujarat and finally discharges into the Gulf of Cambay.

Catchment Area: 16,985 km2
Longitudes: 73°18' and 74°52'
Latitudes: 23°04' and 24°35'
Tributaries: Eru, Nori, Chap, Som, Jakham, Moran, Anas and Bhadar

2. River Som

River Som originates in the hills near the village Som in Kherwara Tehsil of Udaipur District. It flows southeast through a hilly region and joins river Mahi near the village Baneshwar. The entire catchment lies in Udaipur and Dungarpur Districts.

Catchment Area: 6,443 km2
Longitudes: 73°13' and 74°23'
Latitudes: 23°44' and 24°26'
Tributaries: Tidi, Gomti and Jakham

3. River Jakham

River Jakham originates southwest of the hills near Chotti Sadari in Chittorrgarh District. It flows through the hilly region of Udaipur District in a south-western direction and joins river Som near Bilara village. The Sub-Basin is situated in Chittor and Udaipur Districts.

Catchment Area: 2,318 km2
Longitudes: 74°14' and 74° 47'
Latitudes: 23°53' and 24°30'
Tributaries: Karmai and Sukli

4. River Moran

River Moran originates in the southern hills of Dungarpur town. It flows through Dungarpur District and joins Mahi river near Galiakot village. The total catchment of river lies in Dungarpur District.

Catchment Area: 735 km2
Longitudes: 73°37' and 74°02'
Latitudes: 23°33" and 23°51"
Tributaries: Karmai and Sukli

5. River Anas

River Anas originates in  the northern slopes of the Vindhyan ranges, near Amber village  in MP. It flows in a north-western direction,  enters Rajasthan near Meledikhera village and joins Mahi river about 15 km downstream of Galiakot village. The Sub-Basin in Rajasthan is situated in Banswara District.

Catchment Area: 1,441 km2
Longitudes: 74°00' and 74°33'
Latitudes: 23°04' and 23°30'
Tributaries: Hiran

6.  Bhadar

The river Bhadar, originating in the hills south of Kanguwa village in Dungarpur District, flows from north to south and enters Gujarat near Kokhakra village in Dungarpur District, where it joins the Mahi near Karanta village  in Gujarat. The catchment is situated in Dungarpur District.

Catchment Area: 6,047 km2
Longitudes: 73°39' and 73°53'
Latitudes: 23°21' and 23°39'

Mahi ~ Banas ~ Chambal ~ Banganga ~ Luni

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