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The department of Irrigation came into force on the 14th December 1949 after separating out from Public Works Department of Rajasthan State. Irrigation Department is moving into Information Technology Era orienting its objectives around Change, Efficiency and Users. Change is the root of all progress. In tune with changing times, the Department is driving change in terms of water resource management systems and knowledge management. In the Department, change is the only constant. It has initiated changes not only at the water resource management level but also at organizational level. A continuous modernisation programme is at various levels that modernizes the Department's outlook matching it to its state-of-the-art services. Efficiency is the ultimate top line. Efficient resource utilization in terms of water, land and Engineers is resulting in efficiency throughput. The User is the ultimate beneficiary for the Department. The Irrigation Department of Rajasthan is extending relationships of participation in their services with users - thus capturing their trust and cooperation.

At the time of independence there was 1 major project, 43 medium and 2272 minor projects and the irrigation potential was only 4 lac ha. Hence after independence the state irrigation department was formed in 1949 with the objective of increasing the production of the food and fodder and to establish a suitable irrigation system to control the losses due to drought and flood. With this objective many projects were taken up by the department to increase the irrigation potential. At present the number of irrigation projects are 4786 and the irrigation potential reached to the amount of 2.812 Mha.


  1. Construction of major, medium and minor irrigation projects, operation and maintenance of existing tanks, canals and other irrigation structures are the prime function of the Irrigation Department.
  2. Flood control measures and floods related remedial measures are also assigned to the Irrigation Department.
  3. Construction of irrigation structures under various special schemes like Jawahar Rojgar Yojana, Employment Assurance Scheme, FRW, TADA etc. are entrusted to the Irrigation department.
  4. Collection of revenue pertaining to sale of water from tanks irrigating more than 1000 ha. of land is done by the Irrigation Department. However, collection of irrigation charges in respect of tanks Engineering irrigating less than 1000 ha. is assigned to the Patwaries of the Revenue Department.
  5. Department is also doing Investigation, Design and Research work Under its unit ID&R.
  6. Construction and maintenance of the rest houses of irrigation department, office buildings, residential buildings of the staff, gardens, parks, roads etc.
  7. The cadre strength of Irrigation and Indira Gandhi Nahar Organisation are being managed by the Irrigation Department.

Organisational Set-up

Persons from following services can be posted in the Irrigation department:

  1. Rajasthan Engineering Services (Irrigation Branch)
  2. Rajasthan Engineering Subordinate Services (Irrigation Branch)
  3. Rajasthan Accounts Services
  4. Rajasthan Administrative Services
  5. Rajasthan Tehsildar Services
  6. Rajasthan Statistics Services
  7. Rajasthan Subordinate Statistics Services
  8. Rajasthan Law Services
  9. Rajasthan Labour Welfare Services
  10. Rajasthan Subordinate Labour Welfare Services
  11. Rajasthan Subordinate Accounts Services
  12. Rajasthan Ziledar Services
  13. Rajasthan Subordinate Revenue Establishment Services
  14. Rajasthan Class IV Services
  15. Workcharge Staff
  16. Casual Labours
  17. Daily Wages Labours
  18. Members of the other services as per need

Nodal Officer : Er Inderjeet Bishnoi, Email :, Phone No. : 0141-2702672 Ext. 229